Caspian sea style stuffed fish

Mahi shekam por: Saffron glazed stuffed fish with herbs, barberries, walnuts, and fish roe

ماهی شکم پر

On February 23rd, 2019 I threw a dinner party and invited a few of my very close and dear friends who are self-proclaimed “The Caspian Chef taste testers” and I wanted to offer them a variety of fun and unique Persian food that I was fairly certain they had not had been familiar with.

I was also quite aware that I myself had not had this dish for 37 years. THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS! Ah…the first bite, the familiar taste of home, the playful texture of the fish roe, the tanginess of the barberries, the fragrant and familiar aroma of the herbs were a complete flashback to being a 15-year-old boy and remembering my mom preparing this dish at one of her dinner parties. OK – I know you are doing the math – I am 52!

She of course would have used one big giant fish that was stuffed to the rim and the cavity was sewn shut to keep the stuffing intact. I actually was looking through my photo albums to see if I can find a picture of the dining table with the fish at the centerpiece. I am afraid the one and only image of that dinner exists in my nostalgic part of my brain.

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