Cake Yazdi – cardamom and rosewater cupcakes

Cake Yazdi is to Iranians what vanilla or chocolate cupcakes are to Americans! I have yet to serve this cake (“kayk” in Farsi also translates to cupcakes in English) without generating a twinkle in the eye followed by an ear-to-ear smile. For anyone of Iranian origin, this familiar little treat evokes a sweet and tender…

Khoresh Bamieh – Okra and beef stew

Khoresh Bamieh comes originally from Khuzestan province in southern Iran, where it is traditionally prepared with tamarind sauce. This variety, which is more common elsewhere in Iran, substitutes tomato sauce for the less well-known tamarind.

Khoresh Gojeh Bademjan – Eggplant and tomato stew

Eggplants, otherwise known fondly as the potatoes of Iran, have a special place in Persian cuisine. You will find them fried, baked, charred over open fire, or pickled. Their texture ranges from chewy, smooth, chunky, and soft to creamy. They are cooked into Kuku or preserved as a Torshi (pickled) or integrated as a supporting…

Kuku Sabzi – Fresh herb and leek frittata

Welcome to the world of herbs! Herbs play a significant role in Persian cuisine, whether they are served fresh as an appetizer with bread and cheese or cooked into Kuku or Khoresh (Persian stews). Herbs are integrated into Persian dishes not only to brighten up the colors and bring a brilliant herbal taste, but also…

Zereshk Polo – Saffron barberry rice pilaf

This is Zereshk Polo, a distinguished Persian dish. The popular Zereshk Polo features many of the elements of Persian cooking. Barberries, which are quite tart and bright in color, are layered within the fluffy Basmati rice and served with succulent chicken, or if you prefer with lamb or beef .