Psychology of Iranian Cuisine

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PSYCHOLOGY OF IRANIAN CUISINE, by Armita Hosseini & Omid Roustaei

In collaboration with Farhang Foundation

Food as with most cultures plays a significant role in Iranian culture. It is not only a daily ritual and practice of preparing traditional food but also a means to preserve our culture through its cuisine. Iranian food also holds a significant tie to our holidays and ceremonies.

What we are hoping to achieve in this conversation is to begin talking about some of the norms, rituals, expectations as well as challenges that are associated with food, eating, and cultural norms. Food and eating can be deeply enriching and community building, while it can also be a source of distress and struggle.

Our hope is that you can walk away with some tools and tips related to our emotional health, mindful eating, and incorporating some of these influences, particularly during the pandemic.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this is not intended to be offering therapeutic advice or addressing any one specific issue that may require seeking support from a professional.


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Hope, Respect, and Honor: What It Looks Like to Celebrate Nowruz, the Persian New Year

I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined The KITCHN team as a freelance contributor and my first 2 articles relating to Nowruz, the Persian New Year and a traditional Nowruz dish, Sabzi Polo are now posted.

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Join me for Tea and Conversation: Persian Culinary Traditions for Nowruz

Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2021, 6 – 7 pm EST, 3 -4 pm Pacific Time

Nowruz, the Persian New Year, marks the arrival of spring across large parts of the Middle East and Central Asia. Feasts that accompany Nowruz are central to the celebration.

Join Omid Roustaei, a Seattle-based Persian chef, to learn about special dishes associated with the holiday as well as the richness, subtleness, and playfulness of Persian cuisine and to hear stories from his childhood in Tehran. The conversation is moderated by Freer and Sackler curator Simon Rettig.

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Persian Flavors

Online Cooking Class to Benefit Food-Insecure Families and Children in the U.S. and Iran
Taught by SISCA Board Member
Omid Roustaei, The Caspian Chef
Presented by Seattle-Isfahan Sister City Advocacy

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Chefs Without Borders

Each year, Seattle-Isfahan Sister City Advocacy (SISCA) organizes Chefs Without Borders: Tasting Isfahan and Tasting Seattle. This bilateral event features two dinners on opposite sides of the world that share and celebrate the emblematic cuisine of each other’s city. The goal is to create better awareness of, appreciation for, and connection between cultures through the common language of food.

This year’s dinner in Iran was held on August 28 at the Cheraghan Restaurant in Tehran, and featured Pacific Northwest recipes created by The Carlile Room Executive Chef Dezi Bonow. A “homegrown” Seattle chef, Chef Dezi was born and raised one block away from the Fremont Bridge, and began working in the culinary world while still in high school. Persian cuisine holds a special place in his home and his heart because his wife, Leyla, is Iranian-American.

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Catch me on “Your Last Meal” podcast

Keeping company with Samin Nosrat (“Salt Fat Acid Heat” on Netflix) and Andy Baraghani (Senior Food Editor, Bon Appetit) on Rachel Belle’s podcast! Rachel Belle has an awesome podcast called “Your Last Meal” in which she interviews people from all walks of life about their favorite food.

On February of 2019, I was honored to be interviewed about Persian rice and the delectable tahdig in an episode that also featured the lovable and brilliant Samin Nosrat and Andy Baraghani.

Your last Meal

Cultural and culinary events highlight sister city bond between Seattle and Isfahan, Iran

Cathia Geller, board president of the Seattle-Isfahan Sister City Association, and Chef Omid Roustaei spotlighted some of Iran’s cultural and culinary history.