Aash-e Jow – Barley, herbs and spinach stew with whey and mint sauce

Aash-e Jow is a hearty Persian barley stew prepared by slowly cooking beans and grains with an abundance of fresh herbs and spinach. The stew is topped with the salty and tangy Kashk (liquid whey), tender crispy fried onions, and a garlic mint sauce. Aash can be served either as the main course or as…

Khoresh Bademjan – Eggplant and lamb stew with tangy sour grapes

خورش بادمجان This is one of the many eggplant dishes in Persian cuisine, but perhaps one of the most recognizable and popular ones! There is a playful balance of deep earthy eggplant and tomato flavors and the tartness of the sour grapes.

Khoresh Pesteh-ye Kermani – Kerman region chicken and pistachio stew with fresh dill

  خورشت پسته کرمانی  با مرغ This tasty stew is from the city of Kerman in the southeastern region of Iran, showcasing the use of pistachios in a unique way.

Halva-ye Haviji – Carrot halva

When trying to introduce this dish, I had a hard time as there is truly no equivalent in western culture for this type of dessert.  It is not a cake, not a cookie, not a pie nor a bread. I have seen it referenced as a paste, which doesn’t sound terribly appetizing and I have…