Recipe Index

Aash-e Jow

Apple and cucumber salad with fresh herbs and lime


Barberry and saffron lamb stew

Butterbeans and seasoned poached eggs with dill and turmeric

Butternut squash and walnut kuku patties

Cardamom and rose water rice cake

Caspian Sea style stuffed fish

Celery and beef stew with fresh herbs

Chickpea and lamb meatballs in an aromatic and spicy tomato-mint sauce

Chicken and pistachio stew with fresh dill from Kerman, Iran

Chicken and saffron stew with carrots and oranges

Chicken in yogurt sauce with almonds, raisins and barberries

Cumin turmeric rice pilaf layered with chickpeas and potatoes

Eggplant and lamb stew with unripe sour grapes

Eggplant kuku with barberries

Eggplant stew with chicken in tangy tomato sauce

Fresh fava bean and dill rice pilaf

Halva-ye Haviji

Hearty beans and rice stew with beef and herbs

Kayk-e Eshgh

Kebabs marinated in pomegranate and fresh herbs

Khoresht-e Gheymeh

Lamb stew in tomato saffron sauce with caramelized quince


Moraba-ye Beh

Morgh-e Torsh

Naan Barbaree


Olive tapenade with pomegranate

Petite meatballs in tangy tomato sauce with roasted potatoes

Pistachio soup with barberries

Potato kuku


Rice flour cookies with poppy seeds, pistachios, and rosewater

Rice pilaf layered with green beans and beef in seasoned tomato sauce

Rice pilaf layered with saffron carrots and candied orange peel.

Rosewater and raisin cookies


Savory rice pilaf cake


Smoked eggplant spread with poached eggs

Sour cherry and chicken meatballs in saffron broth

Spiced yellow split pea and beef patties

Spinach, parsley and mint saute with poached eggs

Stuffed onions with beef, rice and herbs

Sweet pastries with creamy walnut and rosewater filling

Yogurt with dried mint, cucumber and raisins

Yogurt with Persian shallots, garlic and mint