Recipe Index

Aash (hearty thick soups)

Aash-e Anar – Pomegranate soup with meatballs

Aash-e Gholvat – Potato and herb stew with eggs

Aash-e Jow – Barley, herbs and spinach soup

Aash-e Mash – Mung beans and herbs soup

Aash-e Reshteh – Persian noodle soup


Kashk-e Bademjoon—Eggplant-spread with whey and mint

Kashk-e Kadu – Butternut-squash-spread with whey and mint

Mirza Ghasemi – Eggplant spread with eggs

Zeitoon Parvardeh – Olive tapenade with pomegranate


Paloudeh – Cantaloupe smoothie

Sekanjebeen – Mint and vinegar syrup

Sharbat Sekanjebeen – Vinegar and mint syrup Sharbat

Tokhm-e Sharbatie – Sweetened basil seed, rose water, and lime Sharbat


Naan Barbari

Naan Sangak



Bastani Sonati – Saffron and rosewater ice cream

Cake Eshgh – Love cake

Cake Yazdi – cardamom and rosewater cupcakes

Faloodeh – Lime and rosewater granita with rice noodles

Ferni – Rose water rice pudding

Halva Havij- Carrot halva

Naan-e Berenji – Rice flour cookies with poppy seeds and rosewater

Naan-e Keshmeshi – Rosewater and raisin cookies

Naan Nokhodchi – Cardamom chickpea cookies

Saffron and pear cake with Seville orange and pistachio frosting

Sholeh Zard – Saffron and rosewater rice pudding


Moraba Beh – Quince jam

Moraba Havij – Carrot jam

Moraba Rivas – Rhubarb jam


Kabob Barg – Filet Mignon Kebabs

Kabob Joojeh- Grilled saffron chicken kebabs

Kabob Koobideh – Grilled skewered Kebab

Kabob Tabei – Pan-fried kebabs

Kabob Torsh – Kebabs marinated in pomegranate and herbs

Khoresh (stews and braises)

Anar Bij – Meatballs in pomegranate and herb sauce

Khoresh Aloo Esfenaj – Spinach and golden plum stew with lamb

Khoresh Bademjan – Eggplant stew with lamb

Khoresh Bademjan – Eggplant stew with chicken

Khoresh Baghala Ghatogh – Butterbeans with poached eggs

Khoresh Bamieh – Okra and beef stew

Khoresh Beh – Beef and yellow split pea stew with quince

Khoresh Bij Bij – Caspian Sea stew with poached eggs

Khoresh Fesenjoon – Chicken in pomegranate and walnut sauce

Khoresh Gheymeh – Beef and yellow split pea stew with roasted potatoes

Khoresh Ghormeh Sabzi – Beef and fresh herb stew

Khoresh Gojeh Bademjan – Eggplant and tomato stew

Khoresh Gol Kalam – Beef and cauliflower stew

Khoresh Hali Ghuroo – Sour plum stew with poached eggs

Khoresh Kadu Halvaee – Butternut squash and golden plum stew

Khoresh Kal-leh Gonjishkie – Petite meatballs in tangy tomato sauce with roasted potatoes

Khoresh Karafs – Celery and beef stew with fresh herbs

Mella Ghormeh – Eggplant with herbs and poached eggs

Khoresh Morgh-e Torsh – Chicken in walnuts and herbs sauce

Nargesi – Spinach, parsley and mint saute with poached eggs

Khoresh Nokhodchie – Chickpea and lamb meatballs in tomato-mint sauce

Khoresh Rivas – Beef and herb stew with rhubarb

Khoresh Saak – Lemon herb sauce with carrots and fried eggs

Tas Kabob – Meat and vegetable stew

Torsh Tareh – Tangy fresh herb stew with poached eggs

Kuku (egg based dishes)

Kuku Bademjan – Eggplant kuku with barberries

Kuku Gerdu – Walnut and herb frittata

Kuku Nokhodchi – Falafel Kuku

Kuku Sabzi – Fresh herb and leek frittata

Kuku Seebzamini – Potato kuku


Kufteh – Meatballs with pistachios and pomegranate


Delal – Caspian Sea herb salt

Kashk – Persian whey sauce

The Persian Pantry


Om’let-e Gojeh Farangi – Tomato omelet


Makaroni – Pasta with tomato and meat sauce


Cotlet – Meat and potato patties

Shami – Herb and meat patties

Shami-e Lapeh – yellow split pea and beef patties


Adas Polo – Turmeric rice with lentils

Albaloo Polo – Sour cherry rice with meatballs

Ghapeli Polo – Rice with beef and garbanzo beans

Gishneez Polo – Cilantro rice pilaf

Havij Polo -Saffron rice and carrots

Javahar Polo – Jeweled rice with saffron chicken

Kabuli Pulao – Afghan rice and carrot pilaf with lamb

Kadu Polo – Butternut squash rice

Kalam Polo Shirazi – Kohlrabi and rice pilaf with meatballs

Lubia Polo – Rice with green beans and beef

Meygoo Polo – Rice with herbs and prawns

Reshteh Polo – Rice layered with noodles, raisins and dates

Rice with Tahdig

Sabzi Polo ba Mahi – Herbed rice pilaf with fish

Shiveed Baghaleh Polo – Fresh fava bean and dill rice pilaf

Tahchin – Crispy saffron rice cake

Zereshk Polo – Saffron barberry rice pilaf


Salad Anar-o Khiar – Pomegranate and cucumber salad

Salad Olivieh – Chicken and potato salad

Salad Shirazi – Cucumber and tomato salad with dried mint dressing


Ghalieh Mahi – Fish in a tamarind and herb sauce

Mahi Shekam Por – Caspian Sea style stuffed fish


Abgoosht – Meat and potato stew with beans

Eshkeneh – Fenugreek egg drop soup

Soup-e Jow – Barley soup

Stuffed vegetables

Bademjoon Shekam Por – Stuffed eggplants with beef and herbs

Dolmeh Barg Mo – Stuffed grape leaves


Borani Laboo – Yogurt with beets

Maast-o Khiar – Yogurt with dried mint, cucumber and raisins

Maast-o Museer – Yogurt with Persian shallots, garlic and mint


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