Spinach, parsley and mint sauté with poached eggs



A peasant food, at its core! And let’s face it, I’d eat like a peasant any day when the dish tastes this rich and yummy, and is yet very simple, quick and inexpensive!

Nargesi’s origin is back in the Caspian Sea region of Iran, where produce and vegetables are abundant. Spinach is a cherished and prized leafy green that is not only eaten raw in salads, but also cooked in various stews. It is a common belief in Iran that spinach adds flavor and more importantly a certain level of viscosity to stews.

However, it is also believed that spinach adds a certain level of grittiness or chalkiness. Not to worry, though: Iranians have a remedy for that too! Spinach is almost exclusively added to dishes in the company of fresh herbs (sabzi). Herbs not only reduce spinach’s chalkiness, but also make it more appetizing and aromatic.

In this dish, spinach is combined with parsley and mint to achieve a flavorful balance and a pleasant mouth experience.

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Butterbeans and seasoned poached eggs with dill and turmeric

Khoresht-e Baghaleh Ghatogh

خورشت باقله قاتق

This simple peasant food brings back such fond memories of childhood and time spent visiting family near the Caspian Sea.  

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