Dolmeh-ye piaz -Stuffed onions with beef, rice and herbs

Caution: you must be an onion lover to proceed! Name a culture, and you will quickly realize how many dishes start with some member of the onion family. Onions and all of their relatives are cherished and celebrated in Iranian culture. The onion family includes red, white, and yellow onions, green onions, garlic, leeks, garlic…

Khoresh Gheymeh ba Beh – Lamb stew in tomato saffron sauce with caramelized quince

Quince is an ancient fruit that finds its origin in the Mediterranean and Middle East region, which offers the perfect climate for the tree to flourish. Quince is quite tart, dense and aromatic, and is typically not eaten raw; it is rather cooked in stews or baked in desserts or jams.

Khoresh Bademjan – Eggplant stew with chicken

Khoresh Bademjan is a well-known, popular and respected dish that finds itself served frequently and proudly on a Persian table. Eggplant, otherwise known as the potato of Iran, is used in a variety of stews, Kuku (egg-based dishes), and layered rice dishes. The very special and unique ingredient in this dish is “Ghooreh”, which showcases…

Naan-e Keshmeshi – Rosewater and raisin cookies

Sometimes simplicity is the best approach, and these rosewater and raisin cookies are just that: simple. Cream the butter, add eggs, and then the rest, and you’ll have these lightly rose-flavored buttery raisin cookies.