Havij Polo -Saffron rice and carrots

Havij polo is not just another Persian rice dish. It’s rather an experience and a destination, much like getting a stamp on your passport at the end of an exotic journey! This dish is truly a journey of colors and flavors! Though there’s quite a variety of rice pilaf dishes in Persian cuisine, there are…

Khoresh Albaloo – Sour cherry and chicken meatballs in saffron broth

I can’t help but smile when I think of sour cherries! Cherries are a highly prized fruit that has found its way into many parts of Persian cuisine, both as a savory and as a sweet ingredient. This dish is another Caspian Sea regional specialty that integrates sour cherries into a stew in the company…

Khoresh Morgh-e Torsh – Chicken in walnut and herbs sauce

Morgh-e Torsh has the power to transport you to the shores of the Caspian Sea! When visiting my mother this weekend, we spent a good few hours in the kitchen talking about the dishes we used to eat that were specific to the Caspian Sea region and this was the first dish we prepared.

Khoresh Pesteh-ye Kermani – Kerman region chicken and pistachio stew with fresh dill

  خورشت پسته کرمانی  با مرغ This tasty stew is from the city of Kerman in the southeastern region of Iran, showcasing the use of pistachios in a unique way.