Kuku Nokhodchi – Falafel Kuku

I have always been a fan of chickpeas in any way, shape or form. Not only are they tasty and packed with plant-based protein, they can also be cooked and presented in endless ways. Two of my favorite chickpea dishes are falafel and hummus, offering different flavors and textures.   This dish is inspired by my…

Kufteh – Meatballs with herbs and pistachios and pomegranate glaze

Yes indeed, this is another Kufteh (meatballs in Farsi) in the long line of meatballs in Persian cuisine. Except this one is just jam-packed with incredible and unique flavors that are enhanced with the addition of fresh herbs and sparkling arils of pomegranate and the crunch of the much-beloved emerald green colored Iranian pistachios.