Kabuli Pulao – Afghan rice and carrot pilaf with lamb

Kabuli Pulao is considered to be Afghanistan’s national dish, and traditionally was served only on special occasions. As with many popular dishes, there are regional varieties, and the dish is often personalized according to taste and the availability of specific ingredients. Lamb tends to be the primary protein, but it is also customary to cook it with beef or chicken.

Reshteh Polo – Rice with noodles, raisins and dates

Reshteh Polo: another signature Persian dish that blends familiar ingredients and brings them together in an unpredictable and distinctive way! This rice dish has it all! Dates and raisins; onions and toasted noodles; saffron and rose water; cinnamon and turmeric. Finished off with a crispy bread Tahdig, and served with slow-cooked lamb shanks in a…

Naan-e Keshmeshi – Rosewater and raisin cookies

Sometimes simplicity is the best approach, and these rosewater and raisin cookies are just that: simple. Cream the butter, add eggs, and then the rest, and you’ll have these lightly rose-flavored buttery raisin cookies.