Kabuli Pulao – Afghan rice and carrot pilaf with lamb

Kabuli Pulao is considered to be Afghanistan’s national dish, and traditionally was served only on special occasions. As with many popular dishes, there are regional varieties, and the dish is often personalized according to taste and the availability of specific ingredients. Lamb tends to be the primary protein, but it is also customary to cook it with beef or chicken.

Moraba Havij – Carrot jam

Who doesn’t love spreading a healthy dose of homemade jam on toasted and buttered crusty bread? For some, there may be something strange about jam that’s made without fruit, but I would encourage anyone to try this brightly orange-colored and flavorful carrot jam. Making jam is an age-old tradition in Iran (and the rest of…

Javahar Polo – Jeweled rice with saffron chicken

Javahar Polo (jeweled rice in Farsi), also known as Morasa Polo, is truly the ultimate rice dish that is often served at Persian New Year celebrations or at weddings. But you certainly don’t need to wait for spring equinox or a marriage proposal to treat yourself to this gem (all puns intended!) of a dish….

Soup-e Jow – Barley soup

Soup-e Jow is a delightfully simple and flavorful soup, but is not really well-known in the line-up of Persian soups and Aashes. (Aash is a Farsi word for a thick soup, like a cross between a soup and a stew.) The barley offers an earthy flavor and satisfying chew, while lemon juice contributes a refreshing…

Khoresh Porteghal – Saffron chicken stew with carrots and oranges

This stew is a great representation of a dish in a culture that loves its fruits with their tart and sweet flavors! The chicken is cooked slowly with Persian spices (advieh), layered with carrots and saffron, and finished off with fresh orange segments before serving.

Havij Polo -Saffron rice and carrots

Havij polo is not just another Persian rice dish. It’s rather an experience and a destination, much like getting a stamp on your passport at the end of an exotic journey! This dish is truly a journey of colors and flavors! Though there’s quite a variety of rice pilaf dishes in Persian cuisine, there are…

Khoresh Saak – Lemon herb sauce with carrots and fried eggs

This is a perfect example of a simple and humble vegetarian Caspian Sea regional dish. Large amounts of parsley, cilantro, mint, spinach and green onions are finely chopped and patiently cooked to develop a rich herbal flavor. What makes this dish characteristically northern is the addition of a sour element, and here I have used fresh…