Eshkeneh – Fenugreek egg drop soup

Eshkeneh is a classic but unpretentious soup, with a short and easy-to-assemble list of ingredients, that can be prepared in about 30 minutes. While Eshkeneh is often referred to as Persian onion soup, and undoubtedly an onion is involved, I think the true star is fenugreek leaves, with their mighty strong scent and flavor profile….

Salad Anar-o Khiar – Pomegranate and cucumber salad

Who doesn’t love a good salad? Particularly a sparkling one with crisp, bright colors and flavors, that celebrates the much-loved pomegranate. Pomegranates are native to the Middle East and quite significant in Persian cuisine. In Iran, pomegranates are served just as they are, or juiced, or cooked down to create pomegranate syrups and pastes. They…

Bademjoon Shekam Por – Stuffed eggplants with beef and herbs

There is just something particularly pleasing about stuffing a vegetable! It opens up the door to many possibilities and the potential to transform a vegetable into an entire meal. And there is no shortage of stuffed vegetable dishes in Persian cuisine: stuffed grape leaves, bell peppers, onions, squash, and cabbage, to name just a few….

Khoresh Beh – Beef and yellow split pea stew with quince

Autumn has finally arrived, so it’s quince season once again, and I have been busy making Persian quince stew, jam, and Membrillo! Every year I look forward to the arrival of Fall and its seasonal produce, ranging from a fantastic variety of squashes, including the sweet and tender butternut squash, to fruits like persimmons, pomegranates,…

Kabuli Pulao – Afghan rice and carrot pilaf with lamb

Kabuli Pulao is considered to be Afghanistan’s national dish, and traditionally was served only on special occasions. As with many popular dishes, there are regional varieties, and the dish is often personalized according to taste and the availability of specific ingredients. Lamb tends to be the primary protein, but it is also customary to cook it with beef or chicken.

Delal – Caspian Sea herb salt

Delal, also known as green salt, is a specialty condiment from the Caspian Sea region of Iran, specifically from the Gilan and Mazandaran provinces. Traditionally, locally foraged herbs are harvested, roughly chopped, and placed in a traditional stone bowl along with salt, and pulverized by a repetitive rolling and grinding action using a smooth rock….

Salad Shirazi – Cucumber and tomato salad with dried mint dressing

There is something extraordinarily special about this salad, which has great significance in Persian cuisine. The bright and refreshing flavors of tomato and cucumber are enhanced by a dressing of dried mint and unripe sour grape juice (Ab Ghooreh in Farsi). Its simplicity makes it relatively easy as a perfect companion to just about any…

Moraba Rivas – Rhubarb jam

It’s rhubarb season! Well, actually, the season is about to wrap up, and I am just a little behind in getting this posted! Here in the Pacific Northwest, rhubarb begins to show up in farmer’s markets and grocery stores in April and lasts until late June or early July. Unlike other seasonal vegetables that are…

Ghapeli Polo – Rice with beef and garbanzo beans

This dish finds its roots in the province of Kermanshah, located in the western region of Iran. At its core, it is a simple one-pot meal that starts with slow cooking of the beef and the garbanzos. Along the way, onions and simple spices are added to develop more depth and flavor. Once the beef…

Khoresh Gol Kalam – Beef and cauliflower stew

Long before the humble cauliflower became a trendy superfood, Iranians were cooking it into stews (Khoresh), egg-based dishes (Kuku), and even pickles (Torshi). Like many Iranian stews, this is an especially simple dish with only a few ingredients. Nevertheless, there are certain culinary techniques that bring out a spectacularly deep range of flavors. First, it’s…