Javahar Polo – Jeweled rice with saffron chicken

جواهر پلو

Javahar Polo (jeweled rice in Farsi), also known as Morasa Polo, is truly the ultimate rice dish that is often served at Persian New Year celebrations or at weddings. But you certainly don’t need to wait for spring equinox or a marriage proposal to treat yourself to this gem (all puns intended!) of a dish.

Persian food is a complex balance of abundance, color, flavor, design and presentation. No other dish matches the sophistication and elegance of this dish and the care given to its presentation. The sparkling ruby color of the barberries is enhanced with glistening, exquisite saffron. Accompanied by emerald green Iranian pistachios, sweet and tenderized carrots and caramelized orange peel, this dish is truly a visual and gastronomic feast.

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Sharbat Sekanjebeen – Vinegar and mint syrup Sharbat

شربت سکنجبین

For me, nothing stirs childhood nostalgia more than memories of chilled flavorful Sharbat on a hot summer day in Tehran!

Sharbat is a Farsi word that describes a style of chilled beverage with a pretty spectacular range of flavors, colors, and ingredients. Arriving guests are often greeted with a decorative glass of chilled Sharbat. Various fruits, nuts, pastries, and hot black tea follow Sharbat as part of an elaborate Persian hospitality ritual (Mehmoon Navazi in Farsi).

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