Psychology of Iranian Cuisine

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PSYCHOLOGY OF IRANIAN CUISINE, by Armita Hosseini & Omid Roustaei

In collaboration with Farhang Foundation

Food as with most cultures plays a significant role in Iranian culture. It is not only a daily ritual and practice of preparing traditional food but also a means to preserve our culture through its cuisine. Iranian food also holds a significant tie to our holidays and ceremonies.

What we are hoping to achieve in this conversation is to begin talking about some of the norms, rituals, expectations as well as challenges that are associated with food, eating, and cultural norms. Food and eating can be deeply enriching and community building, while it can also be a source of distress and struggle.

Our hope is that you can walk away with some tools and tips related to our emotional health, mindful eating, and incorporating some of these influences, particularly during the pandemic.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this is not intended to be offering therapeutic advice or addressing any one specific issue that may require seeking support from a professional.


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  1. Laleh Bauer-akbarian says:

    Hi, The link for the registration is directing me to a nowruz event..Could you check the settings of the link?

    1. Thank you Laleh jaan, it’s already corrected!🙏

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